Tenth & Pine - Lets Root For Each Other Long Sleeve Onesie

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A reminder that if we all root for each other we can all stand tall and grow together. To surround ourselves with others in healthy and positive relationships. Show off your love for each other in our let's root for each other and watch each other grow design! A natural organic cotton onesie is the perfect gender neutral bodysuit for every baby boy or girl, coming home hospital outfit, baby shower gift, or a comfortable everyday boho baby look!

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VIE - Noun |vee| : The french word 'VIE' is translated to {life} in English. The experience of being fully alive and engaged in recognizing that beauty is all around us.
Raison d'être - Noun |raison-d-etre| : French Word Meaning, The reason for which a person or organization exists. Reason or justification for existence. To create beauty in the lives of others is our raison d'être.
VIE Boutique