Colorado Creme 2oz.

  • 699

Colorado Creme is an all natural, luxurious body mousse for dry climates. Paraben, formaldehyde, and lanolin free. Handmade lotions for extra dry skin. A light, silky smooth body mousse for everyday use. Use from head to toe for soft, hydrating protection from dry air. Slather on generously after bathing to lock in moisture. Small enough to fit in your purse and pass those pesky airline requirements.

Choose from these tantalizing scents in the 2oz:

Lavender Soothing, clarifying, balancing, calming lavender essential oil scents this popular mousse.

Peppermint Refreshing tingle of peppermint soothes and moisturizes. 

Honeysuckle The essence of springtime in a bottle—a delightful sweet floral scent from honeysuckle essential oil is a NEW favorite.

Pink Grapefruit Clean, bright, and revitalizing pink grapefruit essential oil scents this luxurious body mousse.

Greenhouse A mixture of sweet orange, nutmeg and ginger essential oils combines to create a fresh, green floral scent reminiscent of a greenhouse or floral shop in this luxurious body mousse.

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