A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.  -Coco Chanel

What you wear is a direct reflection of who you are. Make your style just as unique as you are. We're on a mission to beautifully bedeck our fellow females in on-trend, vogue style statements that cater to a variety of tastes. We hand-pick each item for it's quality, uniquity and value to bring you a veritable feast of fashion. Drape yourself in something you love. You're so worth it. And when you feel great, it shows. 

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VIE Boutique
VìE- Noun \vī\ : The french word 'VìE' is translated to {life} in English. The experience of being fully alive and engaged in recognizing that beauty is all around us.
Rai·son d'être -Noun \rā-zōⁿ-detrƏ\ French Word Meaning: The reason for which a person or organization exists. Reason or justification for existence. To create beauty in the lives of others is our raison d'être.
VIE Boutique